Cellular Evolution in the Green Algae (DVD)

DURATION: 60 mins.

A dynamic view of evolution

Using examples from the green algae, this videodisc details how single cells become associated with one another to form colonies with increasingly advanced characteristics. It provides us with fascinating living examples of the step-by-step appearance of complexity in form and behaviour. Basic principles of cellular evolution are used to explore issues of complexity and diversity as organisms themselves become multi-cellular and larger.

* CAV Videodisc, NTSC format, containing 60 minutes of original and unparalleled video microscopic footage of live cells and cellular processes
* Accompanied by
-Explanatory diagrams and text, computer animations, electron and scanning micrographs, and thought-provoking questions
-Two sound tracks containing two levels of commentary
-A detailed Instructor’s Guide
* material presented in lesson format; easily integrated into standard curriculum with material modified to suit each instructor









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