The new DVD from Cytographics:
Living Cells: Structure, Function and Diversity (DVD)

DURATION: 1 hr. 17 mins.
Middle Secondary - Tertiary
Produced in Australia (2006)

This DVD is a complete revision of our original laser disc and subsequent VHS tape version of "Living Cells". The DVD is most relevant to high school and university biology courses, introducing students to a considerable variety of cell types, all living and doing interesting things. Real time and time-lapse video microscopy, augmented with a few electron micrographs, are used to illustrate in spectacular fashion:

*organelles such as mitochondria, Golgi bodies, microtubules, the cell membrane, the cell wall, nucleus and nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, the cytoskeleton, the vacuole, contractile vacuoles, flagella and cilia ;

*processes such as mitosis and cell division, cytoplasmic streaming, flagella (cilia) and motility, secretion, turgor pressure and growth, sex, prey capture and feeding, endosymbiosis, morphogenesis

*unusual or unfamiliar cells such as chromatophores, many different protists, cnidocytes, idioblasts.

The contents are organized into Chapters accessible immediately by all standard DVD players, and so thus easily integrated into lectures.

A Viewer's Guide is downloadable free from this web site; it provides background information and shows in detail what is covered in the DVD.

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