Microscopic Life (Video)

Early Secondary - Tertiary
20 minutes, Produced in Australia (1998)

Microscopic Life is the first video tape of a three part educational series, broad enough in focus to appeal to all. It offers a fascinating and visually stunning treatment of modern cell biology.

The unimaginable complexity and diversity of cellular life is central to the existence of all living things we are familiar with. Many biological, physical and ecological phenomena are played out at the level of the cell: disease, food production, sexual reproduction, even the atmosphere we breathe are all the result of microscopic cell activity. Since most cells are smaller than the eye can see, highly specialised equipment is needed to view and record them. Adding to the technical challenge of watching cells, many of their intriguing activities occur over long periods. Time-lapse filming is the only way to see these events in a time scale comprehensible to our senses. With patience and the right equipment, an extraordinary world of complexity, elegance and wonder is revealed to us.

From the thousands of hours of stunning original footage Professor Jeremy Pickett-Heaps has accumulated over the past twenty years, a series of documentaries is being developed. Microscopic Life is the introduction to this series.

The series aims to:









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